Tidings and Nexus One

We’ve just met a major deadline in the office! Looks like it’s gonna be pretty easy-going for the rest of the week. The website template for simiansoftwerks.com has more or less been completed. The only thing left to do is add content to the site (and remove those super cool placeholder content :().

I’ve recently come across a cool smartphone by google, dubbed the Nexus One, and apparently from the reviews it’s hardware is far more superior than the iPhone 3gs. I’m an owner of a iPhone 3g (not 3gs) and frankly I’m sick of the lack of customizability, and the ridiculous need to use iTunes (which runs horribly on windows). I mean just check out this trailer and tell me you don’t wanna get one.

Anyway, part 2 of my Skeletal Animation in 2D article will be out in a couple of days, after I actually implement the system. I’ll make sure I have some screenshots and a couple of code listings. As for Project Warpy, my team has requested that I reveal as little as possible until the demo release date. It’ll help build the excitement I guess. 🙂

Until we next meet… happy coding! 😀

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