XBOX frustrations

I just got premium membership for the xna creator club to test project warpy. Although I was initially excited, I found out (to my horror) that project warpy doesn’t run on the XBOX due to the fact that I’m using unmanaged code! Curse you LuaInterface, curse you to heck!

So.. I have a project meeting in a couple of hours and a whole new level editing system to implement. Hopefully it isn’t too much of a hassle to get XML working on the XBOX (shouldn’t be too hard based on the articles I’ve read). Basically, note to self, never use scripting languages with XBOX… reason being that it runs on the .NET compact framework, which doesn’t support System.Reflection.Emit, which from what I read is important in .NET script interpreters.

Time to rush up a quick level editing system for the meeting!

Update: Whoo hoo! I’ve finished implementing the new XML system and even support for XBOX 360 controllers.

Bone System Update: I’ve managed to get bone animations reading into xna via a custom content processor.. Now to fit it into my scenegraph.

Blog update: I’ve added a video of my portfolio and a couple of screenshots of past projects in the Games section.

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  • XNUA is a Lua interpreter for XBOX. From what I have read is pretty similar to LuaInterface, but it is missing a few parts.

  • Cool! I’ve actually taken a look at that.. seems like they might have dropped support sometime ago because the downloadable version compiles with a old version of XNA Game Studio. 🙁

    I hope by just converting the project I’m still able to parse lua scripts (they will be immensely useful for scripting enemy AI).

    Thanks for the advice Robert! 😀

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