Taking a break from game programming…

… and starting on application programming! 😀 With all the research and core systems tested and proven in project warpy, it’s time to start creating the toolset for the designers to use. I’ll be developing these tools in C#.NET and despite my lack of experience in application programming for C#, it wasn’t hard to adapt (mostly due to my experience in VB.NET).

Been pretty busy with work lately (and collecting loot in world of warcraft). Going down to the creative company for tips on web design on a daily basis and frankly I’m quite sick of it here. The internet is slow, the place is in the middle of nowhere and I’m bumming around not doing much most of the time.

DockPanel Suite in action

Ah well, at least I got a chance to check DockPanel Suite out. It’s frigging awesome, with a couple of drag and dropping with the form designer in C# you can have an application looking like VS.NET’s docking system. Take a look on top!

Finishing up a couple of stuff in the office and heading off.. damn looks like I’m stuck here for the rest of the week. 🙁

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