Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Pcsx Android – CD-Rom and UI

Here’s another quick update on the status of Pcsx Android. I have been busy at work on the emulator for the past few days and have managed to create a simple iso cdrom plugin! The plugin loads and runs correctly in the PC version of Pcsx and has even reported to be working correctly in the Android version! 😀

I’ve also finished my own implementation of a file browser (to select the iso file) so that the cd can load it.

The next step in porting the emulator will be to port P.E.Op.S OpenGL plugin… but first, I’ve got to familiarize myself with setting opengl up in Android (which is kinda weird since the initialisation code is in the SDK not the NDK).

Lastly, I am looking for a skilled assembly programmer who can code assembly for ARM. Preferably with knowledge of android and how to compile assembly to work with the ndk. Knowing how emulators work will be a plus point too! If you’re interested in helping to port Pcsx to Android, feel free to contact me at ze_bransay(at)hotmail(dot)com.

p.s. I’ve set up a google code project at:!

PCSX Android Update

It has come to my attention that people have actually noticed my efforts to port PCSX to android. Let me remind the community that this is still only a hobby project until I can get more people to help/support this project! I am an intermediate programmer (no where as good as the actual people who programmed pcsx) and, by myself, will not be able to quickly port the emulator or solve every performance issue that might crop up.

So here’s an update on all the work that needs to be done and what I’ve done so far:

  • Compile PCSX with Android NDK
  • Write Android specific system calls for PCSX
  • Test base system. (I have a Nexus One)
  • Compile CDROM plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android
  • Compile GPU plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android (At this point, some games should load to menu)
  • Compile PAD plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android (Hopefully, games will be playable now)
  • Compile SPU plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android (Games with sound should now be playable)
  • Performance tweaking, testing and bug fixing (This will take time accordingly)

So as you can see there is much to do. I have a basic understanding of emulators and how they work and coming from a game programming background, I am not 100% adept at dealing with low level programming and will therefore make progress at a slow rate.

As a side note, I’m hoping that I can get the emulator working without using the PSX bios (HLE seems to be working fine on PCs).

An update… finally!

Okay so I’ve been really busy lately.. First with my new google nexus one (which I’m loving), secondly with adding features and refining the development pipeline of project warpy and lastly finishing up some stuff for work (today was a major milestone/deadline). I find it extremely important to establish a good production pipeline for any game project in general as this makes sure content is continuously added to the game. Of course for this to work, all bottle necks that prevent the flow of content from creator (artist/programmer/designer/sound engineer) into the game must be settled with utmost priority!

Anyway.. I’m also currently working on porting pcsx (psx emulator) to the android platform. I’ve never actually ported anything before so this is more of a hobby for me than anything else. After checking out the (really advanced) source code for the emulator, I can only say that the developers planned cross platform elements very well and I am generally impressed by it! I’ve also realised that debugging when writing native code for the android platform is seriously a pain in the ass. XD

Anyway, I will be updating this blog more frequently from now onwards! Thanks for all the comments in the character physics article (apparently it’s getting lots of hits from google. o_O).

Happy coding! 🙂