PCSX Android Update

It has come to my attention that people have actually noticed my efforts to port PCSX to android. Let me remind the community that this is still only a hobby project until I can get more people to help/support this project! I am an intermediate programmer (no where as good as the actual people who programmed pcsx) and, by myself, will not be able to quickly port the emulator or solve every performance issue that might crop up.

So here’s an update on all the work that needs to be done and what I’ve done so far:

  • Compile PCSX with Android NDK
  • Write Android specific system calls for PCSX
  • Test base system. (I have a Nexus One)
  • Compile CDROM plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android
  • Compile GPU plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android (At this point, some games should load to menu)
  • Compile PAD plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android (Hopefully, games will be playable now)
  • Compile SPU plugin with Android NDK
  • Test with PCSX Android (Games with sound should now be playable)
  • Performance tweaking, testing and bug fixing (This will take time accordingly)

So as you can see there is much to do. I have a basic understanding of emulators and how they work and coming from a game programming background, I am not 100% adept at dealing with low level programming and will therefore make progress at a slow rate.

As a side note, I’m hoping that I can get the emulator working without using the PSX bios (HLE seems to be working fine on PCs).

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  • Mini Progress Update:
    Managed to compile system specific headers for android (Mostly based on the Linux implementation of PCSX). Native lib compiles and links successfully now! 😀

    I will be attempting to load the native lib soon.

  • Hi, good job.
    Just a note. By default the ndk compiles in thumb mode, which is slower than arm mode in most cases. You should add this in the Android.mk file:

    LOCAL_ARM_MODE := arm

  • Thanks for the advice! I’ll add the line into the current build on the repository!

  • You guys ROCK. Seriously, keep up the good work! psx4droid is an *ok* emaulator, but it lacks the speed that I know you can deliver!

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