Pcsx Android – CD-Rom and UI

Here’s another quick update on the status of Pcsx Android. I have been busy at work on the emulator for the past few days and have managed to create a simple iso cdrom plugin! The plugin loads and runs correctly in the PC version of Pcsx and has even reported to be working correctly in the Android version! 😀

I’ve also finished my own implementation of a file browser (to select the iso file) so that the cd can load it.

The next step in porting the emulator will be to port P.E.Op.S OpenGL plugin… but first, I’ve got to familiarize myself with setting opengl up in Android (which is kinda weird since the initialisation code is in the SDK not the NDK).

Lastly, I am looking for a skilled assembly programmer who can code assembly for ARM. Preferably with knowledge of android and how to compile assembly to work with the ndk. Knowing how emulators work will be a plus point too! If you’re interested in helping to port Pcsx to Android, feel free to contact me at ze_bransay(at)hotmail(dot)com.

p.s. I’ve set up a google code project at: http://code.google.com/p/pcsx-android!

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  • Nice efforts! but I’m afraid this plugin will be almost impossible to port on Android without a total rewrite. OpenGL is not the same than OpenGL ES. There’s opengles plugin ports out there but they are closed source, unfortunately

  • Yup.. I’ve looked at the opengl es api and realised that immediate mode is not available.. 🙁 What’s more opengl es 2 doesnt even support the fixed rendering pipeline.. (which I got a nasty shock discovering)

    No matter, I am intending to write wrappers for immediate mode so that I can get the “legacy” code to work correctly. Of course, performance/memory consumption may be a huge issue but it only serves as a temporary solution until I manage to rewrite the plugin (or find an open source version).

    Thanks for commenting! 😛

  • Thanks for the suggestion and the video link. This will definitely be a great addition due to the nature of many android touchscreens (Buggy multitouch on pretty much everything but the Droid). Though hopefully Google can fix this via a software update.

  • Sounds real nice! I’ve got a question/wish for this emulator. Could you make the controls free-to-modify, just like in FPSEce for WinMo? (Take a look at for example these videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht7WXHANAd4&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUvvzDPdQjk&feature=related ) I know it’s a bit early to ask questions like this since you first have to make all the basic things to work and all… But I was just curious! 🙂

  • Hi Bryan,

    You may wish to consider the Maemo port of PCSX as it will already be optimized for ARM and you will likely be able to ‘borrow’ some code for your Android build.

    Take a look here:

    Here’s a video of it in action:

  • Thanks for the reply! I’ll admit that I haven’t been focussing on the emulator at the moment, mainly because porting a graphics plugin written with opengl using immediate mode (like pete’s plugins) was a huge pain in the ass. I’ll definitely go check it out! Thanks!

  • Thanks Bryan,

    I do hope that you continue your good work! You will be able to charge for this in the market, and people will gladly pay (including me). GPU acceleration will not only improve performance, but improve rendering quality substantially.

    I’ve heard that the pete ogl plugin is a mess, so kudos for wading through the mire and coming out clean on the other side. And if you’re still in the thick of it, I’m rooting for ya!

    I wish that I could help, but this is beyond my experience, and my time is quite rare so acquiring the skills isn’t terribly realistic.

    But I’ll gladly lend a helping hand where possible.

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