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Bryan Dismas, 25, is a game developer from Singapore. He specializes in programming game engines, designing application architectures and real-time visual effects with shaders. Holding a merit diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology, he aspires to run an indie game studio and eventually secure a foothold in the game industry.

Bryan started fiddling with computers since the age of 6. By 7 he had mastered the DOS commands and started to learn HTML. After coding in Javascript for 3 years he continued to Actionscript (Flash 5) and finally Visual Basic by the age of 12. Bryan picked up C during secondary school (high school) during computer appreciation class, but continued to develop mainly in Visual Basic until he was 16. He also started working on a community MUD during this time. Alura Online (Graphical MUD) was finally released in 2006 and was maintained for 3 years.

By 17, Bryan had enrolled in Nanyang Polytechnic (college), taking the Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology and majoring in Game Programming. He picked up C++ and an array of other languages during this time. During his industrial attachment program, he participated in the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab summer internship, where he met other like minded individuals and produced the game prototype: Phorm. During the production of Phorm, Bryan was tasked with integrating the game’s core skeletal animation library, Pinocchio and dealt with the adaptation of the library to better suit the game’s real-time usage.

After graduating from Polytechnic, Bryan worked as a game programmer for Atomic Gaming Innovations working on the company’s core games framework, and later on the slot machine video game Chingchillas. Atomic Gaming Innovations utilized various open source software, and Bryan was tasked to design a modular system to tie these libraries together to form the foundation for Atomic Gaming Applications. He was also in charge of visual effects programming and shaders for Chingchillas.

Shortly after he concluded his employment at Atomic Gaming Innovations, Bryan was drafted into the Singapore Armed Forces as part of his mandatory national service. He was involved in the creation and maintenence of the National Day Parade websites for the years of 2010 and 2011. This was performed as part of a joint effort between the Singapore Armed Forces and Design Prodigy, where Bryan spent most of his time as a representative of SAF. It was also during this time that Bryan was involved with Envisage Reality and Protege Productions under contract work to complete system and computer graphics work for some of their in-house productions.

In the year 2011, Bryan enrolled into Digipen Institute of Technology – Singapore, a leading college providing specialized education catered towards the development of video games. As a student of DigiPen, he undertook a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS CS) in Real-time Interactive Simulation. In pursuit a well rounded computer science education, he partook in courses related to Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorial Game Theory, etc.) and Computer Science (Operating Systems, Low-level Programming, Computer Graphics, C/C++ Programming, Design Patterns, etc.). He also produced several generally well-received student projects, including: Swarm, Sugarbaby, Descension – Depths of De’mae, Spectrophobia and Earthrune.

Following his graduation in 2014 as Valedictorian awarded with the title of Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honor), Bryan was hired by Ubisoft Singapore to work as a Junior Programmer specializing in Engine Programming. He was first involved in the later stages of production of Assassin’s Creed Rogue and then in the closing of the project. Upon it’s successful shipping, he joined the development team of an Unannounced Title that is set to be revealed and released sometime in the future.

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Apart from creating games, he also enjoys playing them during his free time. Some of the games he currently is playing include: World of Warcraft, Dragon Age Inquisition, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4.